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If you’re accepted, I will personally guide you through the process of turning traffic that converts to leads then to reliable, predictable, recurring, and evergreen cash flow in the next 12 months.

It’s FREE, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

PLEASE NOTE: The IMF Method Accelerator is NOT for EVERYONE…

Not everyone can create a profitable online business. Your results are not guaranteed. The IMF Method is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. The IMF Method will; however, give you insight on turning your leads into recurring, predictable, reliable, and evergreen cash flow

Here's What You're Gonna Get
IF You're Accepted Into The IMF Method:
Peek Inside the Entrepreneur Insider Club...
12 Months Access to "The IMF Method" Program
The IMF Method is a fully encompassing 3 phase marketing and sales methodology specifically designed to generate More High-Quality Leads and Close Sales Quickly. 

This step-by-step video course teaches you both the beginner and advanced techniques to creating campaigns from start to finish so you can start generating 15-30 new clients a month with predictability. 

Learn everything from coming up with a campaign strategy, creating offers and landing pages, identifying and targeting your ideal audience, tracking campaign performance, creating and monetizing your Dream 100 list, and beyond.

With the IMF Method, you don't have to worry about getting to the finish line. We show you our framework to get you from A to Z - from Leads to Sales! 

(VALUE: $9,997)

My Campaign Factory
🔴 Video Marketing Accelerator Campaign
VMA is our unique marketing & production process where we organize your campaign and produce all the videos you need for your business in a single day of production.

We easily produce over 40 videos on a one day shooting with our clients and produce enough content that will last for 90 Days.
​🔴 Multi-Channel Distribution & Scheduling
Editing and scheduling your content for social media is a TIME and ENGERY VAMPIRE!

With our Multi-Channel Distribution and Scheduling system, you don't even have to touch your content. We do it for you!

We turn one piece of content into multiple snack sized content.

Cover all corners of the internet with targeted content. Easily turn your video assets into podcast, audio bites, IG Story, IGTV, Wrapped Videos, Articles, and a huge amount of social media posts. Everything produced and scheduled for you or your client.

Our videos are produced to be leveraged with all different marketing platforms. 
​🔴 Funnel Architecture Campaign
We try to keep everything super-simple, especially when we’re developing tightly engineered sales funnels. 

Our unique framework will ensure your landing pages communicates your message and launch in the most timely and cost-efficient manner humanly possible.
🔴 The IMF Messenger Automation System
Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful communication apps of all time with over 1 billion monthly active users. 

With The IMF Messenger Automation System, you can now engage with your target customers directly – using an OmniChannel approach - with Chatbot, Mobile Wallet, SMS, VoiceDrops, and of course Email Marketing.

By combining your Messenger Automation System with Facebook, Instagram  and/or YouTube advertising, we can help you generate and pre-qualify fresh leads and enquiries for your business.
🔵 Dream 100 Campaign
🔥 Yes, that's right! We've partnered with the Goat Farmer himself, Dana Derricks!

Now you will get... Drum Roll...

Done-For-You Customized Dream 100 List Building…including your entire Dream 100 List researched and built, including all available data & contact points AND custom ice-breakers

Done-For-You Customized Dream 100 Outreach Campaign Scripts …including a fully-customized outreach campaign written by a trained copywriter, specific to your Dream 100 target with custom ice-breakers

Done-For-You Dream 100 Outreach…including at LEAST 2 outbound messages sent to EACH of your Dream 100 Targets to all of their contact points. One cold outreach and one follow-up (example, if they have an email, web contact form, Facebook, and LinkedIn, our trained outbound sender will message your custom script to ALL those inboxes and it only counts as 1 total message!) 
🔵 Advertising Campaign 
You need ads tailored to build awareness, generate leads, convert prospects into sales and remind your customers you still have plenty to offer. 

Our team will build out your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube advertising campaign. 

That means...  

• Ad Design (Video or Image)
• Copywriting 
• Retargeting
• Custom Audiences
• Real Time Analytics

(VALUE: $59,045)

Onboarding Call With IMF Coach
Every business and owner is unique. Start the program strong with a call from one of the IMF Method Coaches and get advice on the best place to start.

You’ll get access to all your files, training, and simple management systems. Share your goals and get guidance on the best way to approach your 12 months with us.

While success and progress is obviously on your shoulders, the IMF Coaches are here to answer any question you have and help remove any roadblocks coming up for you.

(VALUE: $997)

The Private IMF Community Mastermind
Access Monthly Private Mastermind
Join us every month during our live deep-dive mastermind session where we’ll dive into a new skill you must master if you want to grow and scale your business.

On these private calls you’ll get the chance to ask me questions… plus get instant solutions and coaching for your toughest challenges. Every call is recorded so if you can’t make it live you’ll be able to watch on your own schedule. 

So You're Never Left Behind!
Live Weekly Q&A Calls & Accountability
Join Steven in the exclusive IMF community group every week for new topics such as: strategy, launching, scaling, copywriting, persuasion, sales, marketing, etc. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions every week so you can continue to build upon what we created in the groundwork from our 1:1 strategy call and be fully supported with your campaign build.

Join this call with the team for an accountability check, create the plan for the week that actually moves the needle and creates RESULTS in your business.
Exclusive Slack Community
You’ll instantly have a seven figure network and sphere of influence as you join our exclusive, members-only community.

Imagine having a community of like-minded peers you can “tap into” 24/7 for new ideas, feedback, resources and accountability.

As a member, you’ll instantly join a family of supportive, positive group of ambitious entrepreneurs and young professionals who are rooting for you, will challenge you, and accelerate your growth.

(VALUE: Priceless!)

Guides, Cheat Sheets, Tracking Sheets 
Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Struggling with time management? Don't worry...Access our full library of fast reference resources so you can implement and execute with ease. No more searching for what to do or struggling to remember a key step as you take action on any essential marketing activity.

(VALUE: $1,997)

CMO's Rolodex
You're FIRED from doing everything yourself! 

Stop learning all the ins and outs of everything, and just use Steven's Personal Marketing Rolodex. Yes! You read that right.

We've assembled our very own Marketing Rolodex so you can find the go-to expert for whatever service you need - from graphic designers, Facebook ads, to podcast wizards. 

Instead of blindly searching for your next hire, consult Steven's rolodex to connect with experts that can get the job done for you.

NOTE: The CMO doesn't know how to do every job and we are NOT telling you to learn how to do everything. 

(VALUE: $14,997)

Enroll Today & We'll Also Give You These Crazy Bonuses for FREE...
VIP Ticket To Campaigns for CashFlow 2021
Everyone who’s accepted into the IMF Method program will receive a FULL VIP Ticket to Campaigns For Cashflow event. I've found most people are super close to having an insanely attractive campaign. The problem is not knowing what you need to change. Campaigns For Cashflow Event will show you the path to your next profitable campaign.

(VALUE: $997)

Entrepreneur Insider Club
Every Month We Invite One of the World's Top Entrepreneurs & Get Insider Look At Their Business

You’ll get exclusive insider look at how the world’s most elite entrepreneurs, business leaders and visionaries run their business. You’ll be able to ask your questions and hear their answers, strategies and advice. 

We’ll take a deep dive into proven growth strategies taught by real entrepreneurs…no fluff, just the actionable insights you need to launch & grow your business. 

You’ll learn more in these sessions that some people do in their entire college education!

(VALUE: $497)

Presentation Pitch Secrets Vault
Get insider information on how to close sales on autopilot from top marketing entrepreneurs using the Presentation Pitch Secrets Vault. 

The Vault contains 50+ videos and transcripts of sales presentations that have sold six to seven figures. 

New presentations every month.

(VALUE: $297)

Ad Spy Suite & IG OnDemand Software
Ad Spy Suite - This tool that will ensure your Ads are winners every single time & instantly will allow you to drive sales to your bank without spending any money on ads that don’t work. 
The largest software of it’s kind to ensure you run Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google ads that make you money right out the gate– it’s that simple.

Start Creating WINNING Ads instantly by finding replicating what currently works!

IG OnDemand - List building tool on STEROIDS... Get hundreds to even thousands of emails, phone numbers & details daily, ethically for Free from ANY Instagram Pages.

(VALUE: $297)

TOTAL VALUE: $89,121

It’s FREE, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

Here's What Results to Expect
IF You're Accepted Into The IMF Method:
Peek Inside the Entrepreneur Insider Club...
What Our Students Are Saying

It’s FREE, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

Peek Inside the Entrepreneur Insider Club...
“But Steven, Will This Work For ME?”
My Business Is...
Coaching / Consulting
Freelance Services / Agency
Local Small Business
Information Products
Affiliate Marketing
Professional Services
Just Starting Out

PLEASE NOTE: The IMF Method Accelerator is NOT for EVERYONE…

Not everyone can create a profitable online business. Your results are not guaranteed. The IMF Method is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. The IMF Method will; however, give you insight on turning your leads into recurring, predictable, reliable, and evergreen cash flow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IMF Method all about?

The IMF Method is 3 phase marketing and sales methodology specifically designed to generate More High-Quality Leads and Close Sales Quickly.

Who is this for?

This method was specifically designed for Coaches, Consultants, Local Businesses and Mentors who sell online services and programs. With that being said, the core principle works in any industry or niche.

Is The IMF Method a one time fee or billed monthly?

There are a few options to pay for the program. If you choose the monthly plan, your credit card will be charged for the monthly fee right away and then you will be charged again that same amount 30 days later. If you choose the one time fee - you will only be billed once.

How and when do I access all my training and resources?

You will get access to the content via the Membership site, Private Community, and Messenger so make sure to get access to all three.

 What is my time commitment to complete the course?

You can go at your own pace. This is not just another info product. We designed this as a hybrid program (part training/part workshop) understanding that everyone has a life and family to consider.  

I’ve seen a lot of similar programs before - what makes this one different and why should I invest my money?

This isn't just training. Think about all the other memberships or online programs you’ve seen. Take out all of the fluff, add in actionable insights you need to launch & grow your business. Also, add in customer support and access to the exclusive Slack community where you’ll instantly have a six, seven, even eight figure network and sphere of influence.

That’s not the only thing that sets this program apart. I’ve also approached some of today’s most productive and successful entrepreneurs so I can share their wisdom with you as well. There’s really nothing else like this on the market today.

Will I get quality customer support?

Absolutely! That's the whole point of this community.

What can I expect as the community continues to grow?

More community members means more high-level trainers, more giveaways, unprecedented benefits and networking opportunities.

Why am I still reading these questions?

Because you're smart enough to read the details before jumping in. MOST IMPRESSIVE. By now you realize this is a smart investment that can pay itself back many times over. It's a business expense too, so you can write it off your taxes.

It’s FREE, and it takes less than 3 minutes!

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