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Any coach, consultant, course creator, agency, or expert whose serious about growing their online company as fast as possible while achieving the time freedom and simplicity you want from your business. We typically work with online businesses who are making $20,000+ / month and have these problems:
  • Broken (or Non-Existent) Client Acquisition: You are making good money but your outreach is a grueling manual effort of emailing, calling, and DMing prospects that drains all your energy and time. Or you're using overseas setters pretending to be you hoping it will free up your time but nothing you've tried has been sustainable for the long run. 
  • You're Follow-up ​Is Not Automated: The Fortune is in the follow-up! You've heard this countless times yet you haven't nailed down a way to have people come to you and systematizing your follow up and make more profit.
  • Decent But Not Amazing Offer: Offering what everyone in the industry is offering is no longer enough. You need create an offer so desirable your dream client will not think twice about taking out their wallet and buy your offer.
  • ​Fluctuating Audience Engagement: You are consistently publishing amazing content on social media to build brand awareness but no one sees it or has little to no engagement. 
  • Or, You Have An Engaged Audience: People are seeing your videos, stories, reels, and feed but they are not converting to paying customers making it difficult to justify the time, money, and energy spent on creating content and publishing it. 
  • ​​​Making Decisions Based on Emotion Rather than Data: The best (and most profitable) businesses in the world are operated by making decisions based on the data! Like the saying goes... Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. Knowing your numbers helps in testing and optimizing your funnels, copy, paid ads, sales calls, etc.
  • Active Paying Roster of 1:1 Clients: Anyone can sign up a few clients but to serve more people and have a greater impact you have to take your business model to the next level. And let's be honest... being stuck on back to back, 1 on 1, calls just sucks! What if you could reinvest that time for family & friends or doing things that you truly want to do whenever you want to do it... wouldn't life and your business be so much better?
  • Constantly In Live Launch Trap: You might be trying different ways like Product Launches, Challenges, Live Events to fuel sales into your program or course but to really scale and gain back your well earned time you want an evergreen approach to sell and deliver it.
  • Other Low-Ticket Product(s): What started as a simple 1:1 consulting or coaching program has now evolved into 13 funnels, 5 offers,  20 different softwares, and 1 stressed out person. You want your customer ascension model to lead into your high-ticket offer to maximize profits.
  • Feel Trapped By Your Business​: Due to the lack of systems in your marketing and sales, it doesn’t allow your business to grow beyond you or take into account that you’re only human and that life happens. And possibly the quality of your client fulfillment, profitability, and maybe even your health is starting to suffer because you have too much on your plate. So you main desire is to maximize your sales, impact, and time freedom

Think about the most time

consuming Tasks

that come with growing your business

Here's the raw uncut truth.

What I have come to realize is that most coaching and masterminds are a lot of hype and just absolute GARBAGE.

Let me tell you why...

As I was scaling my business, like most smart and successful entrepreneurs, I sought out help and invested in coaching and several masterminds.

I was looking for a program that could work for me:

Remove the bottlenecks in my operations, marketing, and sales, provide Education, Client Acquisition System build-out, follow-up automation, a hybrid approach of done with you and done for you asset build-out, connections to potential JV partnerships, One on One support, accountability, fun and engaging community, and anything else I needed to grow.

I've invested $150,000+ joining all the "heavy hitters' programs and masterminds trying to find all of this.

To my surprise I couldn't find one that had it all. Most programs would have 2, maybe 3 of those things I was looking for, but none of them had all of it.

And here's some more raw uncut truth...

Some of the programs I joined are now shut down or out of business.

And let me tell you... these were not your $997, $1497, or even $2997 courses

These programs and masterminds were High Ticket items ranging from $8k, $15k, $25k+ from some of the top "heavy hitters" so called "gurus" in the game (SMH).

So out of frustration of what I couldn't find, I decided to create it.

I took out my Apple pencil, turned on my iPad, opened up my notes app and wrote down everything I hated about the other programs and masterminds out there and everything I would want in mine (one-on-one calls, asset build-outs, asset review, and so much more).

Then I figured out what was the most valuable, even if it came at a cost - both time & money.

After spending months building out the infrastructure we launched it to a chosen few, we removed their bottlenecks, maximized sales, impact, and time freedom.

We're a limited invitation only program that is focused on guaranteeing the most quality experience possible for our members.

🚫 NOT FOR ...

  • Businesses who refuse to go online
  • Startups under 1 year
  • Those won't invest in their marketing systems
  • ​Those who like to cut corners and not follow the proven frameworks
  • Those who refuse to think and want someone else to do all the thinking
  • ​People who constantly make excuses

PLEASE NOTE: The IMF Method Intensive is NOT for EVERYONE…

Not everyone can create a profitable online business. Your results are not guaranteed. It's expensive and is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise.

How It Works
If You're Accepted Into The Uplevel Mastermind:
Uplevel Mastermind Gold - 6 Month Program
  • Get your COURSE launched ASAP and fill it with the exact people you WANT to serve
  • Close sales quicker + scale your impact​ by generate more high-quality leads
  • ​​FREE up your time with simple frameworks that will Uplevel your business
  • Grow your personal brand + scale your revenue with a "Golden Boot" offer
  • ​Develop relationships, partnerships or JV opportunities to tap into a pool of other people's audiences
1-1 Private Coach, Custom "Growth Audit" Call, and Personalized Content Creation Strategy
Every business and owner is unique. Start the program strong with a call from one of the IMF Method Coaches and get advice on the best place to start. Share your goals and get guidance on the best way to approach your time with us.

Every client receives 1-1 private coaching. This allows us to provide you with customized coaching and make sure you get the most from our program. While we don't do the work for you, the coaching support is vital to success.
Training Portal
Online training portal with access to copywriting, ads, sales, offers, lead generation, funnels, operations and more! 

Get access to training from industry-leading experts and their methods in building, growing, and scaling a successful online business. They’re going to give you the shortcuts you need to eliminate trial and error and put you onto the right path to success.
The IMF Method Training
  • Recon Ops: Gather as much intel from the Red Ocean Markets to build the framework that sets your product/service as DIFFERENT not better. 
  • Mission Part 1: Leverage the intel you gathered to design your new opportunity and core problem you will solve. 
  • ​Mission Part 2: Leverage your new positioning to develop your unique sales message, create your lucrative offer, and design your customer journey.
  • F.O.R.C.E Protocol Pt 1: Create your automated sales machine and implement ONE strategy that will produce the OMNI channel effect.
  • ​F.O.R.C.E Protocol Pt 2: Design and launch your insanely attractive campaign.
  • Delivery & Retention Framework: Take back your time through delegation and hiring while adding additional streams of revenue (add more value, upsells, downsells, upgrades)
Social Media Accelerator Training
  • Creating An Thumb-Stopping Content Strategy
  • ​Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts For Lead Generation
  • ​How To 2x Your Following In Just 60 Minutes
  • ​Funneling Your Followers Into High-Quality Leads
  • ​How To Create Short-Form Video Content In Under 5 Minutes
  • ​The Ultimate Guide On How, When & Where To Post
  • ​Get Your Content Done For You: How To Hire Graphic Designers & Video Editors
  • ​The 5 Major Social Media Platforms & How To Grow On All Of Them
Premium Discounted Prices to Events, Tech Setup, and DFY Services
As an Uplevel Mastermind member, you'll have exclusive access to the live, in-person events. You'll receive premium discounted prices to these events. You'll also receive either free access or deeply discounted prices to online virtual events that the public pays for.

You'll also get premium discounted prices to our tech and marketing team. If you need it, they'll come in and do all your tech set up for you. They'll make sure your pixels are right, zaps are set up correctly, and more.
1 Podcast Guesting Opportunity
 Are You Ready to Get Booked on Podcasts and Grow Your Business?

We will get you on one podcast to grow your audience, credibility, and authority in your field.
​Personalized Asset Reviews & Feedback
Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? 

Wondering "am I doing this right?"

Every step of the way you'll have the opportunity to submit what you create inside IMF Intensive for personal review by our team. 

After following our step-by-step trainings, and getting your questions answered on our coaching calls, this feedback serves as a final line of validation so that you can know you're doing it right.
Access To Our Project Management System
We give you all the frameworks, templates, scripts, updated SOPs for you to customize for your own program + access to personal Voxer account for 1 on 1 coaching and support.

You’ll get the needle moving FAST!

Whatever your biggest bottleneck is we will work with you one-on-one to build out a customized sales funnel, sales letter, and traffic campaign (Organic, Outbound, Youtube Ads or Facebook ads or Instagram Ads). 
HQ: Private Member Community
* Live Weekly Q&A Calls & Accountability
* Exclusive Community
You’ll instantly have a seven figure network and sphere of influence as you join our exclusive, members-only community.

Imagine having a community of like-minded peers you can “tap into” 24/7 for new ideas, feedback, resources and accountability.

As a member, you’ll instantly join a family of supportive, positive group of ambitious entrepreneurs and young professionals who are rooting for you, will challenge you, and accelerate your growth.

You can submit questions every week so you can continue to build upon our 1:1 strategy call.
DFY Funnel & Follow-up Automation Templates
Trying to get your marketing funnel set up can cause a lot of online businesses to stall or fail to launch quickly.

You’ll get access to all our funnel templates, follow-up automation templates, training, and simple management systems. 

While success and progress is on your shoulders, our Coaches are here to answer any question you have. We help remove any roadblocks coming up for you.
ROI + 2x Guarantee
If you don’t at least 2x your investment over the course of the program, we’ll extend your membership and support you until you do.

We are investing in you just as much as you are investing in us.
Your growth is our growth.

We back up our results with our "2x Your Investment" Guarantee.

Phase 1: Intelligence

6 Modules


 1 | Introduction

Module available in free trial


 2 | Reverse Engineering Success

Module available in free trial


 3 | Reconnaissance

Module available in free trial


 4 | Offer Hacking

Module available in free trial


 5 | Temi Strategy

Module available in free trial


 6 | Dream 100 Mapping

Module available in free trial


Action Items

Module available in free trial

5 items


Module available in free trial

2 live Q&A calls

Phase 2: Mission

9 Modules


 1 | Trouble "Shooter"


 2 | Create New Opportunity


 3.1 | Message to Market


 3.2 | EBS Formula


 3.3 | False Beliefs & Objections


 3.4 | 3 Core False Beliefs


 3.5 | Sell Without Selling


 4 | Your Irresistible Offer


 5 | Customer Ascension Blueprint

Action Items

9 items


2 live Q&A calls

Phase 3: FORCE

16 Modules


 FORCE Protocol


 Funnel Framework


 Omni Channel Marketing





 Engage & Repeat

 Launch Campaigns


 Evergreen Campaigns


Action Items

14 items


2 live Q&A calls

For A More Personalized Touch
'My Campaign Factory'
Hybrid Program
* 2 Options to Select From *
  • Done For You Launch: OmniChannel Client Acquisition Funnel + DM Domination
  • Done For You Accelerator: Launch + ROI Driven Customer Ascension System
 More Details Below
Option 1: Done For You Launch
Who is it for?
Launch is for you if you have an existing business making at least $10,000 /month. You should be an expert at something and have clients with results. 

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: 
  • Building authority 
  • ​Growing your personal branding
  • ​Getting out of the 1 on 1 coaching model
  • ​Selling a high-ticket offer
  • ​Getting clients consistently
What it helps you achieve?
​🔴 OmniChannel Client Acquisition Funnel
We try to keep everything super-simple, especially when we’re developing tightly engineered sales funnels. 

Our unique framework will ensure your landing pages communicates your message and launch in the most timely and cost-efficient manner humanly possible.
🔴 IMF DM Domination System
Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful communication apps of all time with over 1 billion monthly active users. 

With the IMF DM Domination System, you can now engage with your target customers directly – using an OmniChannel approach - with Chatbot, Mobile Wallet, SMS, VoiceDrops, and of course Email Marketing.

By combining your Domination System with Facebook, Instagram  and/or YouTube advertising, we can help you generate and pre-qualify fresh leads and enquiries for your business.
Option 2: Done For You Accelerator
Who is it for?
Accelerator is for you if you have an existing business making at least $25,000+/month. 

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: 
  • Scaling your program
  • ​Getting out of the constant launch loop: live webinars, live events, challenges
  • ​Turning your launch strategies into an evergreen cash flow system
  • ​Monetizing you new (or existing) audience
  • ​Tapping and leveraging OIA: Other Influencer's Audience
What it helps you achieve?
🔵 Everything in Launch plus:
Fuel Your Campaigns with...
🔴 Video Marketing Accelerator Campaign
VMA is our unique marketing & production process where we organize your campaign and produce all the videos you need for your business in a single day of production.

We easily produce over 40 videos on a one day shooting with our clients and produce enough content that will last for 90 Days.
​🔴 Multi-Channel Distribution & Scheduling
Editing and scheduling your content for social media is a TIME and ENGERY VAMPIRE!

With our Multi-Channel Distribution and Scheduling system, you don't even have to touch your content. We do it for you!

We turn one piece of content into multiple snack sized content.

Cover all corners of the internet with targeted content. Easily turn your video assets into podcast, audio bites, IG Story, IGTV, Wrapped Videos, Articles, and a huge amount of social media posts. Everything produced and scheduled for you or your client.

Our videos are produced to be leveraged with all different marketing platforms. 
🔵 Dream 100 / JV Campaign
🔥 Yes, that's right! We've partnered with the Goat Farmer himself, Dana Derricks!

Now you will get... Drum Roll...

Done-For-You Customized Dream 100 List Building…including your entire Dream 100 List researched and built, including all available data & contact points AND custom ice-breakers

Done-For-You Customized Dream 100 Outreach Campaign Scripts …including a fully-customized outreach campaign written by a trained copywriter, specific to your Dream 100 target with custom ice-breakers

Done-For-You Dream 100 Outreach…including at LEAST 2 outbound messages sent to EACH of your Dream 100 Targets to all of their contact points. One cold outreach and one follow-up (example, if they have an email, web contact form, Facebook, and LinkedIn, our trained outbound sender will message your custom script to ALL those inboxes and it only counts as 1 total message!) 
🔵 Traffic Campaign 
You need ads tailored to build awareness, generate leads, convert prospects into sales and remind your customers you still have plenty to offer. 

Our team will build out your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube advertising campaign. 

That means...  Ad Design (Video or Image), Copywriting, Retargeting, Custom Audiences, Real Time Analytics

How much would it cost you

to get all of this on your own?

Website Developer $75,000
Sales Manager $60,000
Sales Coordinator $48,000
Appointment Setter $25,000
Copywriter $60,000
Media Buyer $55,000
Social Media Manager $42,000
Affiliate / JV Manager $42,000
Automation Specialist $60,000
Creative Director $85,000
Content Team $70,000
Total: $622,000
We are nowhere near that & we have a Risk Free Guarantee!

Plus, you’re guaranteed to get a minimum 2x ROI with our…

2x Your Investment Guarantee

This means ONE thing:

If you don’t at least 2x your investment over the course of the program, we’ll extend your membership and support you until you do.

We are investing in you just as much as you are investing in us.

Your growth is our growth.

We back up our results with our "2x Your Investment" Guarantee.

Worry & Risk Free Guarantee

What Our Students Are Saying
Peek Inside the Entrepreneur Insider Club...

How To Get Started

Schedule a call using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom. If you have any questions, email

Once the application is reviewed, one of two things will happen...

1) If we feel you may be a good fit, we will go over an action plan for your business. There's no pressure for you to make an immediate decision so don’t worry.

2) If we don’t think now’s the time or that the program can’t be helpful, we will let you know and even direct you to someone who can.

“But Steven, Will This Work For ME?”
My Business Is...
Coaching / Consulting
Digital Agency
Local Small Business / Professional Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This method was specifically designed for Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Mentors who sell online services and programs. With that being said, the core principle works in any industry or niche.

What happens after I apply?

We'll review your application and decide whether we're a great fit to help you scale. If YES, we'll send you all the details & everything you need to get started, if you're ready. If we feel like it may not be the best fit at this time, we'll let you know that up front, and offer some insights on what you should do next. We only approve applicants that we are 100% certain we can help.

 What is my time commitment to complete the course?

Our most successful clients spend about ~1-3 hours per week to get started. You can go at your own pace. This is not just another info product. We designed this as a hybrid program (part training/part workshop) understanding that everyone has a life and family to consider.  

I’ve seen a lot of similar programs before - what makes this one different and why should I invest my money?

This isn't just training. Think about all the other memberships or online programs you’ve seen. Take out all of the fluff, add in actionable insights you need to launch or scale your business. Also, add in customer support and access to the exclusive community where you’ll instantly have a six, seven, even eight figure network and sphere of influence.

That’s not the only thing that sets this program apart. I’ve also approached some of today’s most productive and successful entrepreneurs so I can share their wisdom with you as well. There’s really nothing else like this on the market today.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We have the right frameworks to help our clients and we always back it up with the right results. You'll get all the details on the guarantees, along with all the information needed to make an informed decision about enrolling once your application is received, reviewed, and approved.

Why am I still reading these questions?

Because you're smart enough to read the details before jumping in. MOST IMPRESSIVE. By now you realize this is a smart investment that can pay itself back many times over. It's a business expense too, so you can write it off your taxes.
Here's What Results to Expect
IF You're Accepted Into The IMF Method:
Peek Inside the Entrepreneur Insider Club...
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